Medical Debt

Nobody intends to get sick or injured. And virtually no one can afford to pay massive medical bills on their own. Even if you have good health insurance, there is never a guarantee that your specialist visits, hospital bills, imaging and testing charges and drug costs will be covered.

As we know from news reports and social media posts, the problematic uncertainty in our health care system is what leads to financial catastrophe for countless families. Thank God for the many aspects of bankruptcy protection provided by federal law.

Can You Really Get Rid Of My Medical Debt In Chapter 7?

Yes, you can. If you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can discharge (and essentially eradicate) unsecured debts like medical debt and credit card debt.

The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches in Hartford, Connecticut, is a firm with decades of bankruptcy experience. Debt relief is our singular focus. We are known for excellent client service and complex problem solving. Our attorneys can answer questions like:

  • Is it worth it to file for bankruptcy if my only financial problem is my medical bills?
  • What will happen to my credit if I don't pay these medical bills?
  • Can I get rid of my credit card debt at the same time as my medical debt?
  • Is Chapter 13 useful for dealing with unsecured debt like medical bills?
  • Does the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protect me from the harassment of medical bill collectors?

Every debt situation is different. You may be able to address your medical debt with or without bankruptcy. The important thing is to get the professional guidance you need.

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