Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Connecticut

The goal of filing all the proper documentation and preparing you for court after you’ve decided to declare bankruptcy, is to help you obtain the best possible outcome in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding  having all eligible debts discharged so that you can have a fresh financial start.

The bankruptcy attorneys in the Hartford, CT, at The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches have been helping clients file for Chapter 7 for more than 20 years. Moreover, as one of only a few Connecticut Chapter 7 trustees, Attorney Ronald Chorches is familiar with both ends of the filing procedure and can help facilitate the process for you. We will help you with the documentation you need including your income, debts, expenses and property, and prepare you for the bankruptcy 341 hearing.

The Bankruptcy 341 Hearing

In a 341 meeting you, as the debtor, will be asked under oath to attest to the truthfulness of your bankruptcy petition. Your creditors also have the right to ask questions, if they so choose. While it is highly unusual for a creditor to attend a 341 hearing, your bankruptcy trustee will ask you several questions regarding your financial affairs and ask you to verify information regarding your petition  including whether it is complete and accurate, whether you have transferred any property in the last two years, and whether you have sold any real estate in the four years before you filed for bankruptcy.

As your legal counsel, our attorney will be with you at the hearing and throughout the entire process. We will review with you all questions you will be asked at your 341 hearing at your free initial consultation.

Once your Chapter 7 bankruptcy is filed, an automatic stay goes into effect and:

  • Stops creditor calls
  • Stops lawsuits
  • Stops wage garnishments
  • Stops foreclosure actions

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