Finding Relief For Student Loan Debt

When you can no longer afford your monthly student loan obligations or have your wages garnished to make up for delinquent payments, you may wonder how you will ever get your debt under control. Many people turn to bankruptcy as a possibility, thinking they will be able to liquefy loans or reduce them to a manageable payment.

Unfortunately, even though it is technically possible, student debt is seldom discharged in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When it feels like you are out of options and out of money, The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches are there to provide relief.

Understanding Your Options

In 99.9 percent of cases, student loans cannot be feasibly discharged under bankruptcy. Under rare circumstances, however, you may be able to show a substantial inability to repay as well as demonstrate the unlikelihood that you will ever be able to repay. Whenever possible, our attorneys can help you prove you meet the following criteria to eliminate loans with bankruptcy in Hartford, Connecticut:

  • Repaying student debt would make it impossible for you to maintain a minimal standard of living
  • Continuing to make payments would cause financial hardship for a significant portion of the repayment period
  • Good faith efforts towards repayment were made before filing for bankruptcy

If your loans are from a for-profit trade school, in certain situations, a judge may discharge loans if the institution broke a contract or engaged in deceptive practices.

Creating A Clear Pathway To Solvency

When bankruptcy is not an option, there are other alternatives to student debt relief. Solutions range from loan restructuring to forgiveness programs, both of which our skilled and experienced lawyers can discuss with you. In a free case evaluation, we will analyze your scenario and offer a candid opinion of the most effective and affordable way to eliminate student loans.

If you simply need more time to get on your feet financially, you may be able to suspend your student loan obligations while pursuing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Starting Over Confidently

Regardless of the obstacles you face or the complexity of your case, our law firm is there to help. Reach us by phone at 860-952-3878 or using our online request form.