The Bankruptcy Information You Need

If you are facing serious debt problems, so-called “experts” will come out of the woodwork, sharing various myths and hearsay regarding bankruptcy. But when dealing with something as stressful and potentially disastrous as insurmountable debt, you need something more solid than hearsay and myths. You need help from an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer who can help you get the help you really need.

At The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches, we have the bankruptcy information you need. Rather than simply walking you through the process of filing for bankruptcy, we will have in-depth discussions regarding your unique situation and help you find solutions tailor-made to help you. We serve clients throughout the Hartford, Connecticut, area.

Decades Of Real Experience

With more than 25 years of experience handling all types of bankruptcy matters, attorney Ronald I. Chorches has a wealth of knowledge and information regarding bankruptcy. He can help you:

  • Understand whether bankruptcy is right for you: Although many attorneys and law firms simply walk every financially distressed client through bankruptcy, we know that this is not the best choice for everyone. We can explore other alternatives to bankruptcy.
  • Decide on individual versus joint bankruptcy: Even if you are married, you are not required to file bankruptcy jointly. We can advise you on whether your spouse should file bankruptcy with you or whether you are better off pursuing bankruptcy on your own.
  • Break the bankruptcy myths.
  • Learn how to fight creditor harassment.
  • Save your home and other valuable assets: In addition to saving your home, bankruptcy can help you protect other valuable assets.
  • Begin your life after bankruptcy: After eliminating credit card debt and other forms of debt, it is possible to repair your credit and begin a new life after bankruptcy.

At The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches, we are not a “bankruptcy mill.” Attorney Ronald I. Chorches has spent almost his entire life learning about bankruptcy and serving as a bankruptcy lawyer. He will work with you to help you explore all of the debt relief options available to you.

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