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Free Bankruptcy Consultation

If you live in and around Hartford Connecticut you’re invited to a no-charge consultation to discuss your bankruptcy options and any of your other debt related circumstances. Your free consultation will assist us in understanding your particular situation, launch a plan of action, and inform you of the associated costs.

We’ll Determine if Bankruptcy is Right For You

Bankruptcy form arrow pointerIf we determine that filing bankruptcy is the best option for clearing your debts, that will be our recommendation. We only suggest filing bankruptcy if your current circumstances means that doing so will be beneficial to your financial stability and peace of mind.

If we find the opposite to be true, we’ll advise you on your many non-bankruptcy options, and help you facilitate those procedures.

After You Contact Us

If you’re interested in setting up a consultation to talk about your bankruptcy options, after you submit your information to the form on this page, we’ll process it and we’ll be calling you back to set up your initial free consultation. If you’re simply interested in getting a few questions answered that you weren’t able to find on our website, simply submit your bankruptcy related question to the form and we’ll respond to you promptly.

Before your initial consultation, we’ll let you know what information we need you to bring in with you. After our meeting, you’ll understand your options, associated costs and what to expect as the outcome of your case. Not all financial situations or types of debts are the same so the outcome to every bankruptcy is different and depends on the circumstances.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our bankruptcy office today!