Typical prohibited debt collector practices

If you have debt, you may have experienced how annoying debt collectors can be. Because they hold a lot of power, they often think they can get away with irritating and abusive behavior. But, you still have rights even when in debt. Below are some of the usual ways in which creditors take advantage of people.

The first type of prohibited behavior is harassment. Harassment includes making threats and using profanity in conversation. Something else they could do is publicize your debt. Furthermore, they may spam you with calls or mail for no reason.

Another way in which creditors can exploit debtors is by providing inaccurate information. They may impersonate a government figure to coerce information or money out of you. A debt collector can also withhold correct information about your debt. They could give you an incorrect amount of the debt you owe. Or, they could imply that the law considers your debt a criminal act. The creditor could also lie about the name of their business. Moreover, they could even lie that they are a debt collector in the first place.

Collection agencies also sometimes use unfair practices. They may not, of course, receive any amount more than what you owe. There are technical rules as well. A creditor cannot deposit a postdated check early, for instance. They also can’t state on an envelope that its contents are about your debt.

If you believe that your collection agency has violated any of the above, it may be time to contact a lawyer that has experience in debt management cases. They may be able to get you reimbursed for the damages caused by a creditor. It might also stop the constant communication and relieve some stress as a result.