Credit Card Debt

Right now, millions of Americans are struggling with credit card debt. Many individuals and families are making minimum payments while watching their balances skyrocket to the point where they can no longer keep up.Big credit card balances don’t appear on their own. There is usually a reason people use their cards excessively. Very often it is a job loss, a divorce, an unaffordable housing situation, a medical expense or a family problem. Sometimes overspending is a problem, too, but more often than not, people under financial pressure use credit cards to make ends meet with things like food and gas.

High interest rates and ridiculous late payment penalties make a hard problem worse, while credit card companies continue to barrage us with cute, funny commercials. What’s in my wallet? A lot of stress, that’s what. The good news is that credit card debt can be relatively easy to discharge in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Get Real Debt Relief | Deal With Your Credit Card Balances Once And For All

At The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches in Hartford, Connecticut, our attorneys have very extensive knowledge of bankruptcy law. Regarding credit card debt, we can help you by:

  • Carefully evaluating your situation to make sure bankruptcy is right for you
  • Explaining how the automatic stay immediately stops creditors from contacting you
  • Looking at your other debts to develop a solution that addresses all of them
  • Exploring whether Chapter 13 may be more appropriate than Chapter 7

Every situation is different. Be sure to get proper advice about your situation by talking to an experienced professional.

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